Saturday, 1 November 2014

In Response to the Recent Vote of the British Parliament to Recognise Palestine, by Vera Baboun

State of Palestine
Bethlehem Municipality

Dear British Parliament members,

This is a very crucial time, as all times are, for Palestine. Its people suffer from the unimaginable and insupportable visions of injustice, and the utmost racist injustice that is the attacking of our very heart, our occupied capital, East Jerusalem. This is a land where peace is martyred in the land of peace.

Here you come, and for the first time listen to our everlasting calls. You stand for the first time as Europeans stand before the oppressor and say, "We are here!" You have taken this step towards realising our perpetually yearned hope to be recognised as a dignified nation.

That is intrinsic to our existence as a human beings. It has no prerequisite to have suffered for it: it is not logically necessary to have to fight for that which is ours by the Law of Creation and by our very presence, our presence as Palestine, the Holy Land.

From here, even if meagrely, we have glimpsed the hope of all generations. It is here that that hope was born. It is here that the history of heroes was first inscribed. Remember with us that which on this earth makes life worth living.

I call upon you, the decision-makers, to impose your authority upon the great powers of the world to make the change. We have heard a lot. Now, it is time to act.

Since it embraces all three religions, Palestine in the hometown of all nations. From here, the message of peace is born. Through the shepherds, that message spreads throughout the universe.

This is the place where God sent his prophets to make disciples of humanity. From here, the word of justice is created. Yet we lack justice.

Our mother, Palestine, smells each night the pillow of her exiled or emigrated kinsman, praying for them to come back and re-join their ancestors. 

Your attempt as the British Parliament, in your recent vote to recognise Palestine, is like initiating the spark for the peace operation to proceed.

To the British Government, we say: "Listen to our cry for justice and peace, listen to your people who overwhelmingly call upon you to recognise Palestine as a first step towards ending impunity and giving peace a chance.

The courageous Swedish decision to recognise Palestine shows what it takes to give hope: to take a sovereign decision in order to support the implementation of international law and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people 66 years after our catastrophe began. It is not early to recognise Palestine. Rather, it is late.

It is an historic responsibility, and a long-term duty pinned upon the international community, especially Europe, to guarantee the implementation of the peace process in Palestine, the Holy Land.

Decades have passed, and we still wait for the declaration of our being, of our existence, and of our justified national and human rights.

Ms Vera Baboun, Mayor of Bethlehem.

The original PDF, bearing the municipal seal and so forth, is available from

The Cuckoo Is Farage, by Mike Nattrass

Clearly the attack upon me shows that Farage does not like competition from any other political party, nor does he accept noises of democracy from within UKIP.

At the European elections, "An Independence from Europe" stood on a platform to the left of UKIP, who were advocating the privatisation of parts of the NHS and moving towards recruiting even more right-wing bedfellows in their European Grouping.

The name "An Independence from Europe" could only be confused with "UKIP" by a warped egocentric mind concerned at the loss of worshippers.

The broadcast of which he complains still exists on the web site and please look at it, as it can be clearly seen that the Farage comments made about it are simply untrue.

An Independence from Europe or AIP gained almost a quarter of a million votes at the European election, based on a very clear Party Broadcast and leaflet. This exceeded the vote of The English Democrats and BNP.

We also had a mailbag of letters from those supporting AIP because of the unacceptable antics of Mr Farage of UKIP. Voters were not confused by our message.

As one of the Architects of UKIP  (former Party Chairman and former Deputy Leader), I influenced many of the anti-EU policies and wrote the opposition to HS2.

It became obvious that there was a cuckoo in the nest wanting to push out all UKIP officials with a brain or a view. The cuckoo is Farage.

Any opinion conflicting with his own right-wing views, or anyone giving a warning about him embracing unacceptable EU MEPs or his women, was shown the way out.

It was his personal money-grubbing antics, and his "embracing" to feather his own nest, that I found most unacceptable.

The term "Spiv Boy" and "Snake Oil Salesman" have been applied to him by two of his once long term friends, but Farage does not keep friends for long. 

I am astonished by his attack upon me for fielding candidates at the EU elections, and can only reply that the man holding the pint and having a quick fag looks like a naughty boy, an image attractive to the public, but this masks the true, complex Farage.

With time, the nature of this beast will be exposed.

I can promise that "An Independence from Europe" will field candidates in 2015 and the ravings of Nigel Farage will be ignored.

Mike Nattrass is the Leader of An Independence Party.